Tactical Training

Discover why NCCAR is one of the premier tactical training facilities in the southeast.

Catering To Military, Law Enforcement, & Government Personnel

NCCAR’s Tactical Driver Training equips clients with essential skills to excel in demanding situations and hostile environments worldwide. Our specialized driver training solutions cater primarily to military, law enforcement, force protection, security operations, and government personnel. Conducted at our private facility in Cary, NC, our comprehensive programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

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Ensuring Optimal Readiness in Real-World Scenarios

Renowned as a global authority in high-performance and tactical driving, NCCAR’s Tactical Driver Training offers a holistic approach to instruction. Our seasoned instructors, top-notch facilities, advanced classrooms, diverse driving tracks, vehicles, and equipment, coupled with a meticulously crafted curriculum, ensure optimal readiness and survivability in real-world scenarios. With a track record of success spanning years and a broad spectrum of satisfied clients, our expertise and dedication stand as a testament to our capabilities.

Welcome To The NCCAR Facility

Our facility provides the amenities needed for first-class tactical training on and off road course training as well as classroom learning space.

NCCAR offers training on our 2-mile paved road course that can be utilized in either direction. The course offers something different each way.

We also offer a 120’x700’ skidpad adjacent to the track that may be wetted and also offers high speed entry.

NCCAR offers a 30x200yd firing range that may be used in different configurations.

The off-road driving course is a 2.5-mile circuit that features obstacles and conditions that provide hill climbs/descents, a stair climb/descent, a log bridge, a rock crossing, a water crossing, and log crossings of varying configurations. The course allows for driving conditions from water and mud crossings, wooded areas, off-camber navigation and hill climbs of up to 100 feet with varying degrees of slope.

NCCAR offers classroom facilities with high-speed internet and encrypted WiFi capabilities. These capabilities also extend to the track surface areas.

There are garages available for service and/or repair of your specialized vehicles.

There are no noise restrictions at the NCCAR facility.

Just 3 miles south of the NCCAR campus are numerous motels and restaurants to fit your specific needs.