Road Course

Course 1 Features:

  • 2 mile long 40 feet wide bi-directional serpentine road course with ½ mile straightaway, 11 constant radius corners, large grassy run-off shoulders and minimal barriers
  • 7 corner marshal stations
  • Vehicle dynamics area of 2 acres (128 feet by 700 feet) attached to main straightaway.
  • 2 access roads offer various ingress /egress options for track usage
  • Elevation changes from +10 feet to -5 feet
  • 2 spectator viewing zones
  • 5 PTZ video cameras around track periphery

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On the 620-acre site, NCCAR is home to a two mile bi-directional road course, a two acre vehicle dynamics area, a seven acre dirt facility and 3 mile dirt trails for trucks or side by sides.


310 Technology Drive
Garysburg, NC 27831, USA

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