Premier Facilities for Automotive Testing and Training

Private, secure, & strategically capable

Private, secure, & strategically capable

Welcome to NCCAR

The NCCAR center’s facilities are expertly designed, private, highly secure, well-equipped, and strategically capable. All facilities may be utilized daily, weekly, or longer-term.

NCCAR Facilities Features Include:

The expertly designed NCCAR center facilities provide a comprehensive range of options, from a 2-mile road course to vehicle dynamics areas that allow for high-speed entry. The off-road features and trails cater to diverse testing and training needs. 

Additionally, client garages come with high-speed connectivity, ensuring seamless operations. Workshops on-site enable efficient maintenance and modifications, making the NCCAR center a versatile and strategic choice for various automotive and engineering activities. The facilities can be booked for daily, weekly, or longer-term use, offering flexibility to meet specific requirements.

Classrooms & Conferences

Offers multiple conference rooms & client suites, fully equipped with tools and technologies.

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NCCAR Road Course

Client Garages

WIFI, Cameras, & GPS

Power Outlets

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