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NCCAR’s High Performance Driver Education Encompass a Wide Range of Offerings.

NCCAR Offers Comprehensive Driver's Training Courses

NCCAR’s High-Performance Driver Education Course offers comprehensive precision driving programs tailored for law enforcement professionals across the United States and Canada. These programs encompass a range of offerings, including basic driving courses, instructor development programs, pursuit schools, and recruit driver training. In addition, the unit provides defensive driving lectures for both criminal justice agencies and private sector organizations.

This prestigious program underscores the unit’s expertise and commitment to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement vehicles worldwide.

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NCCAR Offers Both Basic and Advanced Driver's Training Courses

Learn to increase your capabilities as a driver, regardless of terrain or road conditions.

  • Basic & Advanced Vehicle Dynamics & Maneuvering
  • Off-Road Recovery
  • Emergency Evasive & Defensive Maneuvering
  • Low Traction Vehicle Handling
  • Off-Road Vehicle Obstacle Course
  • Unimproved Road Driving Course
  • All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Safety
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Hotwire Courses Available