Derrick Bennett Jr.
Board of Directors


Derrick Bennett Jr., a graduate and strong Tar Heel fan, serves as the Executive Director of the Northampton County Economic Development Commission with a mission to maintain and promote economic growth for the local community. As a native of Northampton County born and raised in Garysburg, Derrick has strong roots in the local community and is dedicated to ensuring equitable and sustainable economic vitality.

Derrick’s versatile and diversified background is the highlight of his career that sets him apart from many other economic development professionals. Having completed his undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and later his Master of Business Administration at East Carolina University, he has developed and implemented innovative businesses practices across many sectors. Derrick served several years for the North Carolina Banking Commission, examining the safety and soundness of North Carolina’s financial industry following the height of the 2008 banking crisis. He later spent several years in the corporate banking industry, primarily focusing on financial risk management. The practices and principles learned in these years of service serve as the foundation for his economic development strategic plan.

In addition to his banking experience, Derrick is also heavily involved in the construction industry, holding both a North Carolina General Contracting License and a North Carolina Electrical License. He spearheads multiple development projects and believes in a strong network of dedicated individuals to achieve impactful success stories. Much of his spare time is spent enjoying the outdoors and traveling with his wife Shinese and their two children.